Need help to plan your ultimate Svalbard winter tour? What to do in Svalbard? Let me give you all information you need when planning your visit to Svalbard (also referred to as Spitsbergen).

Svalbard winter expedition - my second itinerary this year. All information you need when planning your visit to Svalbard. You will be served the best tips when visiting Svalbard in the winter, what to do there and an insight into the Svalbard wildlife - I'll even take you on an incredible polar bear safari!


  1. Ultimate Svalbard Tour
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Ultimate Svalbard Tour

I will serve you the best tips when visiting Svalbard and what to do there. On top of all that, I’ll take you on an incredible Svalbard expedition, spending the night out in the wilderness in an isolated cabin alone with the polar bears just around the corner, an amazing experience!

Move around in the embedded map above or enlarge it to see the details of this itinerary. The cabin where we stayed overnight on our expedition is not marked on the map due to privacy reasons. There will be more detailed maps in each individual post below when they are published.

Svalbard Tour

1. Best time to visit Svalbard

The landscape and climate in Svalbard changes dramatically over the year. You should really think it through in what season you want to travel to Svalbard, depending on what activities you are looking for. In this post, I’ll give you the pros and cons for every season.

  • The polar summer

The polar summer starts in mid-May and stays until the end of September. During the polar summer, there are barely no snow (outside the glaciers) and the season is perfect for boat trips around the islands and for hiking expeditions.

  • The dark polar winter

From October, the winter period starts and until the end of February, there is no (or very little) sunlight at all. This period is perfect if you want to see the unique Northern Lights. We will show you what that Northern Lights are and why you should consider visiting Svalbard during this season. The colors of the skies are totally amazing! To get around in wintertime, you need a snowmobile as there are very few roads in Svalbard.

  • The sunny polar winter

From March until mid-May, the sun returns and stays up all day (and night). There are still snow and a snowmobile is still needed to get around. The weather is perfect for winter expeditions in the glacier landscapes all around the islands. This is a favorite season to visit in my opinion to get the most out of your Svalbard experience.

Things to do in Svalbard

2. Things to do in Svalbard

There are lots of different activities to take on when visiting Svalbard. I’ll go through the best tips of things to do in Svalbard in this post, depending of the season and how adventurous you are.

Longyearbyen is a small village, but it’s still the natural base camp of Svalbard. Even though the village is small, there are lots of interesting places to visit here. If you’re in shopping mood, visit the main street. Or maybe pay a visit to the Svalbard Museum when the weather won’t allow you to undertake longer expeditions out on the glaciers?

There are also several good restaurants to visit in Longyearbyen and we will give you the best advice where to go to have that special arctic dinner. Why not visit to the world’s northernmost brewery, Svalbard Bryggeri?

Beside Longyearbyen, there are some other small communities to visit in Svalbard. Barentsburg and Pyramiden would be two great choices for a longer expedition. Pyramiden, the ghost town north of Longyearbyen is a special experience well worth a visit.

Svalbard wildlife for travelers

3. Svalbard Polar Bear Tour – Coming soon

During this visit to Svalbard, I went for an amazing snowmobiling expedition from Longyearbyen out into the wilderness. I’m extremely lucky to have my brother-in-law living in Svalbard together with his girlfriend. They are simply the best guides you can ever have and they also happen to have their very own cabin far away from the civilization where we stayed for one night.

The 100 km long expedition on snowmobiles over the glaciers was quite an experience I can tell you! You feel so small, far away from civilization, all in the hands of mother nature (and your extremely experienced guides).

So did we see any polar bears? You just have to wait and see, don’t you? The post will be published June 11th, so make sure you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my email list to get an update and a reminder when the post is published.

Arranged snowmobiling tours
I understand that not everyone can be as lucky as myself to have family guides for an expedition like this, but there are also arranged snowmobiling tours that you can join. I will cover how YOU can go on your very own expedition over the glaciers. With a little guiding (and a lot of money unfortunately), you can do that too.

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