What are the most beautiful places in Switzerland in summer? In summer, the alps come alive with a whole new range of opportunities. Lesley of Empty Nesters Travel Insights guides us to the beauty of the Swiss Alps!

So, what are the most beautiful places in Switzerland in summer? Lesley of Empty Nesters Travel Insights will guide us to the beauty of the Swiss Alps!

The snow capped peaks of the permanent snowline form a picturesque backdrop to the lush green pastures carpeted in alpine wildflowers. The sound of cowbells echo through the valleys below as cattle and goats graze in the fields.


  1. Visit Switzerland in the summer
  2. Grindelwald First
  3. Pfingstegg
  4. Glacier Gorge
  5. Schilthorn
  6. Hike from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg
  7. Paragliding
  8. Mountain climbing
  9. White water rafting
  10. Practical things to know
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Visit Switzerland in the summer

The Swiss Alps are synonymous with winter skiing holidays on some of the premier slopes in Europe.

However in summer the alps come alive with a whole new range of holiday opportunities. The snow capped peaks of the permanent snowline form a picturesque backdrop to the lush green pastures carpeted in alpine wildflowers. The sound of cowbells echo through the valleys below as cattle and goats graze in the fields.

As the snow melts, pristine waterfalls flow into cobalt blue mountain lakes, providing some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth.

A summer holiday in the Swiss Alps offers something for everyone from adventure-seekers, to those simply wishing to enjoy the surreal alpine scenery.

What are the most beautiful places in Switzerland in Summer?

What are the most beautiful places in Switzerland in Summer?


We chose Grindelwald, in the Jungfrau region as the base for our week long holiday in the Swiss Alps as part of a month long driving tour.

Here you can enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage landscapes of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks, as you explore over 300 kilometres of marked walking, hiking and mountain paths. High in the alps you will experience an atmosphere of supreme serenity and untold beauty. You will feel like you have entered a magnificent outdoor cathedral, with the snow capped peaks towering around you, another jaw-dropping panoramic view around every bend in the path

Simply relax and enjoy the pristine mountain air, take a stroll along one of the many well formed, signposted walking trails past breathtaking scenery, or enjoy the local cuisine at the many restaurants and cafes. Restaurants and cafes will appear from nowhere in the most remote locations for you to enjoy a refreshing schnitzel and apfelstreusel, as well as a cold bier during a day’s walking.

The perfect place for the adventure seekers

Adventure seekers can enjoy paragliding, mountain and rock climbing, white water rafting rafting or tuck themselves away in an Alpine hut to enjoy a secluded hiking holiday.

Set in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, Grindelwald is an alpine fairytale village. In winter it is a skier’s paradise. Come summer, vibrant flower boxes adorn the balconies of the wooden chalets, the melodic clang of cowbells echo through the valley and the green pastures become a summer playground.

Take advantage of the extensive cable car system to explore the Jungfrau region.

The cost of cable cars can be expensive, but once you are in the alpine regions, the walking trails are free and the panoramic views are priceless.

Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First

A day at Grindelwald First is a must. A 25 minute cable car from the centre of town will bring you to the ski resort where a range of summer activities await.

  • Take one of the many walks and enjoy the alpine scenery, ranging from simple strolls, to more challenging hikes.
  • An easy two hour return walk along paved walkways will bring you to the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Bachalpsee, where the snowcapped Schreckhorn, Wetterhorn and Finsteraarhorn mountains are reflected in the glassy waters.
  • The First Cliff Walkway, takes you 45 metres over the abyss below, giving you unrivalled views across the valley and to the Alps beyond.
  • Enjoy lunch in the First restaurant while you take in the breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views
  • Relax in fields of wildflowers taking in the UNESCO World Heritage landscape as you watch paragliders prepare to launch themselves into the abyss below.

Once at Grindelwald First, you have a range of options for returning to the village.

  • Simply take a return cable car to the village
  • Take a 7.3 kilometre, 2 hour hike down the Eiger-Ultra trail
  • Hire a mountain bike to ride back down to Grindelwald
  • For the more adventurous, you can take a tandem paragliding ride, jumping off the cliff and sailing past the famous alpine peaks before floating down into the valley below.
  • Take an 800 metre zipline to the next cable station at Schreckfeld below.

Cost: Return cable car CHF 42 per person in summer 2017. Family passes available.




A cable car from the centre of Grindelwald will bring you to the Pfingstegg cable station.

  • From here you can take a short hike to view the Grindelwald glacier face, enjoying views across the valley below.
  • Kids and kids at heart can enjoy  bobsled runs which operate during the warmer months.
  • Taking the signed path to Milchbach you can make the easy 2.5 hour downhill walk back into Grindelwald. Along the way you will see the Upper Grindelwald Glacier and the Wetterhorn mountain carved from the rock by the glacier over centuries. There is a path leading up to better views of the glacier, however you will need to climb ladders provided on the more difficult sections. Your walk will bring you to the Wetterhorn hotel, where you can either catch the bus back into the centre of town, or continue the downhill walk.

Cost: Cable Car CHF 12.80 per person. Bobsled rides CHF 20 for 4 rides summer 2017

Glacier Gorge

Glacier Gorge

Glacier Gorge

Glacier Gorge was once the site of a thriving ice industry, where the Grindelwald Glacier ended close to the town. During the 19th century, pink marble was quarried in the ravine.

Today the Glacier has receded some five kilometres, but you can enjoy an educational and enjoyable afternoon at the Gorge.

  • Either take a bus, or drive out to the Glacier Gorge Canyon.
  • Enjoy a traditional Swiss meal at the local hotel before exploring the Glacier Gorge canyon.
  • A narrow metal walkway takes visitors through the gorge across the thundering glacial waters, the walls of the ravine reaching some 100 metres on either side, to where the glacier once ended.
  • For the more adventurous, there is a “spider web” suspended some 7 metres above the ravine to experience the sheer magnificence of the gorge.
  • Explore the crystal museum, displaying local mineral samples in the tourist centre at the entry to the Gorge
  • Do take a warm jacket, as even on a 38 degree day, the temperature within the Gorge is only 10 degrees.

Cost: Entry to Glacier Gorge CHF 15 per person




James Bond fans and Alpine lovers alike will enjoy a day at Piz Gloria on Schilthorn, the setting of the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

  • Starting from Stechelberg, take the longest Gondola ride in Switzerland along some seven kilometres of cable. A half hour, four gondola ride takes you across bottomless ravines, to Schilthorn at an altitude of 2970 metres. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views as you climb higher into the alps, watching the valley disappear into an abyss below. The short leg from Birg to Schilthorn seems almost death-defying as the gondola dangles from a tiny wire above a bottomless ravine.
  • Once at the top, high in the permanent snow line, you will enjoy 3600 degree panoramic views of the Monch, Jungfrau and Eiger mountains and surrounding snowfields.
  • The Bond-themed complex provides an interactive display and museum on the filming of the movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”
  • Visit the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant, where you can enjoy lunch at the top of the world.
  • On the way back stop at the Birg cable station, where the adventurous can enjoy the glass bottomed cliff walk with views into the ravine.

You will need warm clothing-coats and scarves, as you will be in the permanent snowline where it will be cold even on “warm” days.

Cost: Cable car CHF 105 per person summer 2017

Getting to Stechelberg

Drive: through Interlaken 40 Minutes

Train: to Lauterbrunnen then Bus to Stechelberg 1 hour 45 minutes



Hike from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

A 25 minute cable car ride from Grindelwald will bring you to Mannlichen station, where you can enjoy one of the most popular tourist walks in the region.

  • Walk from Mannlichen to the cog railway at Kleine Scheidegg, enjoying alpine views, fields full of wildflowers and the occasional snowdrift ripe for building a snowman. Enjoy beautiful views of the ever changing Jungfrau massif.
  • You will feel that you are so close to the iconic Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks that you can almost reach out and touch the snow capped mountains. Enjoy the pristine alpine air and views across Grindelwald, looking like something out of a storybook on the valley floor below.
  • Stop for lunch or light refreshments at the alpine restaurant at the end of the walk near Kleine Scheidegg Cog Railway

Jungfrau-Eiger walk

  • Continuing 2.5 kilometres from Kleine Scheidegg cog station, you can admire the Eiger north face close up from the Eiger Glacier station.
  • From here you can watch the trains disappear into the mountain tunnel on the famous Jungfrau railway. Once again you will have jaw dropping  close up views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains.
  • Take the unique cog railway back into Grindelwald.

Both walks were approximately 10 kilometres combined, taken at a leisurely pace.

Once again you will need layers of clothing that can be removed and carried in your day pack as the weather changes.

Cost: Cable car from Grindelwald CHF 30 per person. Family passes available.




Adventure-lovers will relish the opportunity to view the alpine scenery from a different perspective.

The Jungfrau region is a very popular paragliding location, with a number of operators offering tandem rides from various locations. During all our alpine walks, we sat watching paragliders sailing past the mountain peaks, before floating into the valley below.

A qualified tandem pilot will guide you through a short, initial training session, before providing you with a unique, close up view of the alps, waterfalls, glaciers and mountain peaks, before sailing down to the valley below.

Experienced Paragliders will find no shortage of magnificent jumps within easy access of Grindelwald.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Summer is also the perfect time for mountain and rock climbing in the Jungfrau region.

The Bernese Oberland provides a number of climbs, including the Matterhorn and the infamous Eiger north face, the ultimate challenge for experienced mountaineers.

From our verandah in Grindelwald, of a night we could see the tiny flicker of light towards the peak of the Eiger- the mountain hut where climber’s were no doubt celebrating their success in conquering the challenge of the Eiger North face.

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer, or a beginner who would like to explore the region, the area provides an activity for you.

A number of tour operators offer mountain experiences from guided hikes, to a five day training course culminating in an overnight climb of the famous Eiger north face.

You will be required to demonstrate competency and experience deemed necessary for each of the climbs, with courses available.



White water rafting

The gushing waters of the Lutschine River provide a white water rafting adventure, regardless of experience. Qualified guides will help you to navigate the powerful and challenging waters, along class III and IV rapids for a day’s action filled adventure.

A number of local tour operators will collect you from your accommodation for either a morning or afternoon’s adventure on the rapids.

Practical things to know

Practical things to know

Practical things to know

Getting to Grindelwald

By Car: Grindelwald  is the only resort In the Jungfrau Region accessible by car, which was our choice as part of a month long road trip. Coming from any direction, take Highway A6 and/or A8 to Interlaken. Take the  “Wilderswil” exit and follow the main road via Wilderswil to Grindelwald.

By Train: From any major centre, you can catch a train through Interlaken

By Plane: The nearest airport is Zurich. From here you can take a 2.5 hour drive by car, or a 3 hour train ride.


Grindelwald provides a diverse range of accommodation to cater to all tastes and budgets, from luxury hotels, to hostels, holiday lets or remote alpine huts.

We chose a private holiday let for our week in Grindelwald. We rented a four bedroom ski chalet which enabled us to self cater, while providing easy access to local transport and nearby attractions.


If you are staying in Grindelwald accommodation, you will receive a free pass for local transport which will also give you a discount on some cable cars.

A number of tourist passes are available which will provide discounts on all transport, including cable cars. It is worth researching the best pass to meet your needs before you travel.


During the summer months the daytime temperature range is 18 to 28 °C (65° – 82° F). This will be colder in the higher altitude areas.

When packing for your summer holiday, you will need “layers”. Jeans and pants with T shirts, long sleeved shirts, lightweight jumpers that can be taken off and carried in your daypack as the weather changes, a lightweight rain jacket, warm coat, scarves and beanies.

Unless you are planning serious hikes or mountain climbing, hiking boots are not essential and a sturdy pair of walking shoes or joggers will be sufficient for exploring the walking trails.


Official currency is the Swiss Franc CHF. Switzerland is not part of the European Union, however some prices will be displayed in both Euro and CHF. Some retailers will accept payment in Euro, however you will receive your change in CHF.

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