Finding great hotels in any location can be quite a challenge. Let me guide you to the best Koh Kradan accommodation for your upcoming trip. No matter what budget you have, here are the Koh Kradan hotels to consider.

Finding great hotels in any location can be quite a challenge. Let me guide you to the best Koh Kradan accommodation for your upcoming trip. No matter what budget you have, here are the Koh Kradan hotels to consider.


  1. The Sevenseas Resort
  2. Coral Garden Resort
  3. Reef Resort
  4. Kradan Beach Resort
  5. Paradise Lost Resort
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Koh Kradan Accommodation

Earlier this year, I went on a island hopping trip in Southern Thailand. The trip started out in Krabi, where I stayed for a couple of days to catch up with the jetlag. After some relaxing days in Ao Nang, the island hopping tour started with a trip to the beautiful island Koh Mook. After some additional days at Koh Libong, we landed in an island providing some of the best snorkeling in Thailand, Koh Kradan.

Koh Kradan offers a variety of accommodation, from simple bungalows to finer resorts and hotels. Lets hit that list from the top, starting with the ones with the highest standard.

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The Sevenseas Resort

The Sevenseas Resort is one of the most popular resorts at Koh Kradan. Being one of few 4-star facilities, they work hard to live up to the standards. All rooms have air conditioning, TV and a mini-bar. The resort also provides snorkeling equipment and canoes for their guest to borrow for free. Several excursions can be arranged from the hotel, including scuba diving, island tours, and island hopping.

There is also a pool at the resort with a poolbar and a separate restaurant (the restaurant prices are a bit higher than the rest of the restaurants on the island though). There is a wifi connection available for free in the area, but it can be weak in some locations, but you should be fine around the pool and in the restaurant. The rooms offered spans from simpler double rooms to seaside bungalows.

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Coral Garden Resort

This resort is located in the northern part of the island. Located far away from the more crowded south beach where the day trippers come, this is your spot if you want to relax and kick back under the palm trees by yourself. The snorkling is also best in the northern parts of the islands, so when it comes to location, this resort is the perfect choice.

The Coral Garden Resort offers one of the best restaurants on the island, the kitchen has specialized in Italian food. Of course, you can find Thai dishes as well, this is still Thailand… The resort also offers masks and snorkels to borrow for free and a free wifi connection in all rooms around the resort.

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Reef Resort

The Reef Resort is the perfect middle option between the more expensive resorts and the simpler hotels. Even though there is a pool in the resort, most guests head for the beach just 10 meters away from the restaurant and reception. The Reef Resort is also located in the northern parts with great opportunities to relax and do some snorkeling in the afternoon. There are masks and fins to borrow for free in the reception.

The rooms are modern and well maintained with air-conditioning in all rooms. The restaurant is one of the more affordable on the island and the resort has a mini market as well. The owner and the staff maintains a relaxed and easy-go atmosphere. A well recommended option for all type of travelers!

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Kradan Beach Resort

Offering a more basic experience, Kradan Beach Resort provides different kinds of bungalows for the traveler on a budget. Some rooms have no air-conditioning at all, some have fans and some are totally left without any options to hide from the tropical heat. Make sure to check it out before your reservation. There is no wifi connection available at present time in the resort.

The resort is located more south than previous resorts. This means in a more crowded area where more people come and go, especially day trippers that visit for the day. This a more simple resort, but also with a much more affordable price tag.

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Paradise Lost Resort

This one of the most affordable resorts on the islands. The resort offers different kind of bungalows, non with air-conditioning. There are special bungalows for families and even the option for the solo traveler (or anyone on an extreme budget) to stay in a mixed dormitory room. There is a shared bathroom facility used by all guests at the resort.

The resort is located in the middle of the forest and there are mosquito nets provided in all rooms. When the night falls, it gets a bit dark, so don’t forget to bring your flashlight from home. The pro tip is to use your built in flashlight in your mobile phone, but you knew that already of course…

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